Success as a reflect of a marvellous teamwork and collaboration

Team Work

The concept of teamwork has been seen as one of the main tools for corporations to get better results and take the best of each peer and area for improvement in several fields, most likely is expressed as a result of good associations which will get cultivate a culture were the team partners will not only share basic and operational knowledge but also experience on the field, increasing the potential of the team and enhancing the capabilities of each one; likewise the area will manage better relationships, clear objectives per peer and the simplicity to increase their team taking out the adaptability issues that in other situations will bring about.


But, what are the main pillars that a company and a manager should have in mind to keep developing this culture, avoiding internal conflicts with the peers, and how they should look like?


The teamwork should be based in 6 main concepts:

 ·         Synergy:

Defined as a correlation of different peers, that will create a unique system, which will work better as a whole rather than as an individual.  Based on this, synergy will be understood as a result of combined effort, each one with different skills that make the other efficient and effective in their tasks.


·         Adaptability

Benn seeing as how easily the team will change their way to work regarding the environment that they manage, not only about the market and the competitors actions but also about the other areas and the flexibility to fit in others actions and decisions; just as an example take in consideration a product that manage over 80% of market share, basically they do not have competitors, but one day a potential one get into the market and start getting the attentions of the costumers and clients, so as a team how easily can you react to this situation and getting same result when the market need it!!


·         Effective communication

Is more than just verbal exchange of information, it also requires that the peers of the team will get better understanding of the communication and manage the message in the exact way that was intended. It’s not only the words that the peers will manage but also the non-verbal communication, to be able to engage and at the same time be able to manage the possible stress to be as assertive as possible.


·         Knowledge share

As one of the most important asset for the company, knowledge between peer is fundamental for the team; not only regarding the experience of each one to manage several situations, but also about the information that each one will manage and the company and team would like to keep for the process and area; nowadays the companies use several tools to bring this knowledge to other areas using the intranet or activity meetings were the most experienced should share what the know and how should be improve.


·         Coaching & Mentoring

In this part, both concepts fit in the field were the peers are instructed by someone with more experience to let them know what to do and how to reacts in different situations, the main difference is that a coach only get focused in one specific competence and develop the “coachee” in that field, and the mentor is the one who guide with the example and will improve the peer with their unique support; both cases the team will improve, will show to the others how to manage the knowledge and at the same time how to optimize the system


·         Leadership

This is a vast concept that will take another opportunity to make a deep development, but basically is described as an influence that the team will follow to accomplish a common task; linked throw it the team will need a clear guidance (that the other tools will create) and set objectives for each one to get the best of them; also this leader must be able to delegate and at the same time guide with the example, being the one who motivates the team throw each task.


In conclusion, Teamwork and collaboration looks like a gear that must be feeding with enthusiastic goals and maintained by an strong company culture to get the best of it, like efficiency, problem solving, quality & cohesion in their actions, support, contributions and many other attributes that this will generate

Daniel Ramirez


"Tu éxito será el ejemplo a seguir de otros"